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Silver Linings Amid Calamity Or, How I’m Trying to Keep Sane Sheltering At Home

I could almost hear a collective groan as I read this text today: “Public Health shelter at home extended through May 3.” May 3?? That’s another 33 days! Meanwhile, while scrolling my Twitter and Instagram feeds, I’ve noticed an increase in angst and desperation, but also humor: “I just disinfected a box of disinfectants. I […]

The CARES Act Reviewed: Part III Expanded Unemployment Benefits

MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE OUT OF WORK With millions of people out of work due to the Coronavirus, the CARES Act provides much-needed relief in the form of expanded unemployment benefits. It covers workers previously ineligible for benefits, including self-employed, part-time workers, gig workers, freelancers, and independent contractors. It also helps those who have recently […]

CARES Act Review Part II: Retirement Account Provisions

There are several retirement account provisions in the CARES ACT meant to reduce your tax liability or help with current cash flow or both. Here are the details: 1. RMD-REQUIRED MINIMUM DISTRIBUTIONS You don’t have to take your RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) for 2020, whether it be from an IRA (regular, Simple, SEP), inherited IRA, 401(k) […]

Thoughts on the Covid-19 Induced Stock Market Volatility

It’s hard not to think back to the financial crisis and resulting recession of 2007-2009 when watching the stock market volatility today. That was a painful period for many, especially those who were laid-off, small business owners, retirees, or those planning to retire soon. Actually, it was a pretty tough time for everyone for one […]

How Women Can Close The Retirement Savings Gap

Much as been written about why women fall short compared to men in accumulating retirements savings: lower lifelong wages, more conservative investment strategies, in-and-out of the workplace for child-raising and eldercare, and fewer promotion opportunities, to name a few. Because of these disadvantages, women must focus on closing the savings gap so they can enjoy […]

10 Tips For Keeping Your Brain Young and Free Of Disease

I recently attended a conference focusing on retirement and longevity planning. One of the speakers, Dr. Marc Milstein, gave a talk focused on how we can keep our brains healthy and free of disease. It was fascinating, and I thought I’d share his insights on how we can impact our brain health: 1. Get a […]

Budgeting for Happiness with Spreadsheets On Spreadsheet Day

Nowadays, it seems there is a “day” for everything. And, today, October 17, is spreadsheet day. Spreadsheet day commemorates the day the first spreadsheet program, Visicalc, was released way back in 1979. Spreadsheets are a great tool because they help us to organize and categorize data into a logical format. Then, we can use them to analyze […]