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Financial Finesse Podcast With Cathy Curtis

Welcome to the Financial Finesse podcast, where we discuss tips on how to handle your money and life with skill and style.

Your host, Cathy Curtis, CFP®, has been helping make finance accessible and intriguing for women for almost 20 years! You’ll get savvy, actionable ideas listening to her conversations with some of the coolest and smartest women on the planet.

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Recent Episodes

Part-time real estate investor Ruth Krumbhaar shares her advice for single women who are curious about investing in real estate but may not know where to start.

If you're charitably inclined and want to be a more savvy donor, this episode is for you. Cathy shares her tips for determining how much to give to charity, deciding which organizations to support with your donations, and giving strategically to maximize the potential tax benefits.

In this episode, Cathy shares her tips and strategies for getting your overspending habit under control once and for all this year.

Cathy interviews Sara Ecklein, a private, professional fiduciary and founder of Trust and Honor, a fiduciary agency serving the Bay Area.

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