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Financial Finesse Podcast With Cathy Curtis

Welcome to the Financial Finesse podcast, where we discuss tips on how to handle your money and life with skill and style.

Your host, Cathy Curtis, CFP®, has been helping make finance accessible and intriguing for women for almost 20 years! You’ll get savvy, actionable ideas listening to her conversations with some of the coolest and smartest women on the planet.

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Recent Episodes

Patricia De Fonte practices estate planning with heart and is focused on working with happy, proactive people who want to protect their heir’s privacy.

In this first episode of Season 4, Cathy interviews the management team from Democracy Investments: CEO Julie Cane, Chief Investment Officer Chris Browne, and Chief Economist Rick Rikoski.

In this episode, Cathy shares several strategies that don’t involve traditional budgeting to keep yourself on track towards your financial goals.

In this special compilation episode of Financial Finesse, we’re sharing the top money and life advice from our season 3 guests.

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