Financial Windfall

Financial Windfalls: How to Manage Sudden Wealth

An inheritance, a big bonus, a surprise payout - expected…
financial planning diversification

The Truth About Diversification

Most investment advisors  (including me) believe that building…

Stock Market Corrections are Inevitable

As you open your account statements and see your balance…

Why You Need A Financial Plan

There are a few times a year when the volume of calls to…

Simple Money Truth # 7: You Are Your Credit Score

Your credit score is the single most important tool institutions use to determine your creditworthiness. Without a credit score of 700 or over, you won’t get the best rates on mortgages and car loans, and you may not get that apartment or job that you dream of. Your credit score can also affect the price you pay for auto insurance. A low credit score can prevent you from getting what you want or make what you get much more expensive!
The Sun Tarot card

NoBody Knows - And That is Why You Diversify

- Nobody knew that the yield on the 10 year Treasury would keep…
The Behavior Gap

5 Ideas to Protect Your Email Accounts From Cypercriminals

We all know that hackers and cypercriminals are out there and…
parents financial habits

Mothers, Daughters and Money

My mom quit her blossoming career as a buyer at the Emporium…
12 Simple Steps to Financial Success 2012 Calendar

12 Simple Steps to Financial Success

A new year is almost upon us—always a good time to look towards…
The Behavior Gap

Book Review: The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money

As a financial advisor, I published my free ebook, The 10 Simple Truths About Money, because I strongly believe that it’s true that, “Learning financial concepts and managing money can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. There are simple truths about money that can change your life.”