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The Happiness Spreadsheet

Written by Cathy Curtis, The Happiness Spreadsheet will teach you how to identify what’s most important to you and allocate your resources accordingly, so you can maximize your happiness while living within your means. Get your free copy today, and download the accompanying interactive spreadsheet so you can create your own Happiness Spreadsheet (coming soon!)

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Essential Sudden Wealth Checklist

Free Guide

The Essential Sudden Wealth Checklist

Feeling overwhelmed by a sudden windfall of cash? Download our free guide to find out what to do if you’re experiencing the symptoms of sudden wealth syndrome, and learn what your next steps should be to adjust to and maintain your newfound wealth. 

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3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Investment Results

Free Guide

3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Investment Results

Does investing keep you up at night? If so, you’re not alone. Download our free guide, 3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Investment Results So You Can Sleep Better At Night, to find out how to alleviate your anxiety and maximize your results so you can achieve your financial goals.

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Financial Finesse Podcast With Cathy Curtis


Financial Finesse

Cathy Curtis, CFP® has been helping make finance accessible and intriguing for women for almost 20 years. Subscribe to her Financial Finesse podcast, and get savvy, actionable ideas listening to her conversations with some of the coolest and smartest women on the planet, and learn how to handle your money and life with skill and style.


Of Independent Means

Our industry-recognized blog, Of Independent Means, provides relatable and actionable personal finance advice for independent women.

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Educational Content

Join Cathy as she discusses timely financial planning and wealth management topics in front of the camera.

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