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Triple Tax Savings For You: HSA’s As A Long-Term Health Savings Option

If you don’t know about Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) and are eligible to open one, you’re missing out on an excellent savings vehicle with fantastic tax benefits. HSA’s have been around for about 15 years, but it isn’t until the last few years that they are getting more widely adopted -word is getting out about […]

Financial Windfalls: How to Manage Sudden Wealth

An inheritance, a big bonus, a surprise payout, or a windfall that you knew was coming – these financial events are very exciting and mostly positive.  However, the stress of receiving a large sum of money can derail even the most prudent people – there is something about it that makes us think it’s going […]

Women and Money: The Final Taboo

As women, we talk to each other about everything from sex to politics, to our personal anti-aging strategies. The bonds we form with our female friends run deep, and no subject is off the table. Well, except for one thing that remains off-limits: money. When was the last time you discussed your salary, bank account, […]

Forward-Thinking Tax Strategies to Implement This Year

Many people dread tax season. The idea of digging through all of your financial records, working through the filing process, and hoping you submitted everything correctly to avoid an audit is stressful. And the worst part? It kind of feels like you can’t win. If you have your employer withhold too much money from your […]