Episode 4: Young Women, Money and Black Lives Matter

I’m very excited about this episode because I had the opportunity to reconnect with four of my former personal finance students from Mills College. As the call to address racial injustice and inequality in the United States and throughout the world grows louder and more urgent, I asked Joy, Tori, Rebecca and Reshonda to share their experiences and lessons learned navigating their financial lives as four independent women of color. I‘m so grateful for their generous contributions to this important conversation. 

During our chat, we touch on various financial challenges they’ve faced throughout their lives, from super-high interest rates on credit cards and car loans to not being able to easily open a checking account, and how an education in personal finance not only opened their eyes to the discriminatory practices of so many financial institutions, but gave them the confidence to start negotiating better terms for themselves. The ladies also talk about universal topics like imposter syndrome, learning to make better financial decisions, and celebrating wins. Finally, we discuss their hopes for the Black Lives Matter movement and how important it is to keep the momentum going, even after the world eventually returns to its pre-pandemic routine. 

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I hope you find it as inspiring as I did!

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