Silver Linings Amid Calamity Or, How I’m Trying to Keep Sane Sheltering At Home

Photo by Simone Viani on Unsplash

I could almost hear a collective groan as I read this text today: “Public Health shelter at home extended through May 3.”

May 3?? That’s another 33 days! Meanwhile, while scrolling my Twitter and Instagram feeds, I’ve noticed an increase in angst and desperation, but also humor:

“I just disinfected a box of disinfectants. I don’t even know who I am anymore.”

“We all owe 2019 an apology for what we said about it.”

“When I hear NFL News, it’s like a briefing from another planet.”


“I am desperately trying to find the positive moments in these tough times. Going to sleep thinking about the good things that happened today because of this pandemic nightmare.”

I relate to the person that wrote that last tweet. I’m trying to find the silver linings in an otherwise truly horrible situation. 


  • Being forced to slow down and think about what is essential.
  • Virtual happy hours with old and new friends
  • Thinking that teachers might finally get the respect they deserve
  • Having the time and space to work on projects that have been languishing for far too long
  • Exercising outdoors instead of in a gym
  • Cooking more and knowing lots of other people are too
  • People who perfectly encapture what the rest of us are feeling with humor
  • More connections with clients because of Zoom
  • Watching the community support businesses devastated by the closures- restaurants, retail stores, service businesses
  • Cleaner air
  • Being able to indulge my inner introvert
  • Reading and listening to more books
  • Slowing down

Lastly, being so grateful for healthcare, retail, and other workers that are risking their own health to take care of the rest of us.

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