Women and Wine: A Love-Hate Relationship

There has been a distinct shift in the way I and women I know…

Forward-Thinking Tax Strategies to Implement This Year

Many people dread tax season. The idea of digging through all…

Women and Financial Education: Start Learning Now!

Women have something in common when it comes to their money:…
Carol Moretti (seated) and Lisa Deane

Getting On The Same Page: Investing With Your Spouse

Are we speaking a different language? Financial experts, thought…
Carol Moretti (seated) and Lisa Deane

Where Creativity and Finance Connect

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon and the light was…
Carol Moretti (seated) and Lisa Deane

Women and the Media, Revisited.

Last week, I attended a screening of Jennifer Seibel Newsom's…
Carol Moretti (seated) and Lisa Deane

Book Review: Small Business Taxes Made Easy, 2nd edition, by Eva Rosenberg.

As a financial advisor, I’ve read my share of tax books. So,…
Carol Moretti (seated) and Lisa Deane

Women and Money: Women Have Unique Financial Planning Needs

In my living room sat an architect, a CPA, a healthcare executive, a innovation consultant, a marketing and branding expert, a retired attorney, a writer for the Huffington Post, a clutter coach, an interior designer, a home staging specialist, a jewelry designer, a technical writer, and a newspaper columnist.
Carol Moretti (seated) and Lisa Deane

Girls Gotta Do Business

It was my pleasure to moderate a panel of women who have made…
Carol Moretti (seated) and Lisa Deane

"Making Home Affordable"

On my last visit, we got into a chat about money because Trudy had just completed a loan modification and was more than happy to share the details with me. I was very interested because I knew banks were considering loan modifications, but hadn’t heard of anyone actually getting one.