Selfcare, Learning And Trying New Things During The Age Of COVID And Black Lives Matter

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As our usual routines and habits get upended and disrupted due to COVID, we have had to find new ones to replace them. The way we dress, eat meals, get exercise, socialize, work, and play has changed. I have discovered new ways to practice self-care. I renewed my interest in more in-depth learning, particularly about Black history as the Black Lives Matter movement has taken center-stage along with COVID. I am attempting something new, a podcast – challenging me in so many ways, personally and professionally. 


Instead of going to the gym, I exercise either by taking long walks outdoors or via Zoom classes. Surprisingly, I feel fitter than pre-COVID due to my new routine. I found an instructor I love on a website called “Daily Om,” Sarah Rector. She expertly leads classes to tone different parts of the body: the inner thighs, abs, legs, arms, and shoulders. Daily Om’s courses are pre-recorded. I also discovered a live-streamed Yoga class taught by Sarana Miller, a calm yogini who has a wide following. Because the yoga class is live, it offers a sense of community lacking with pre-recorded courses. Yoga is an excellent antidote to anxiety and hunched-over-the-keyboard bodies.


The Black Lives Matter movement has motivated me to learn more about Black History and examine my own thinking and behavior about race. I am a big fan of Audible, and I have listened to “How To Be An Antiracist,” “I’m Still Here,” and “So You Want To Talk About Race.” Next on my listening list, “The Warmth Of Other Suns.” I have also watched the documentaries/movies “I Am Not Your Negro”, “13th,” and “The Help.” These books and movies at times make me cringe and make me wonder why change in matters of racial justice is so slow. I know I want to be part of the solution.


Podcasts seem to be more popular than ever, and new ones keep sprouting up. I’m very excited about the debut of Michele Obama’s podcast, “Higher Ground,” on July 29, 2020. I won’t miss an episode of Brene Brown’s podcast, “Unlocking Us.” Brene shares her wisdom about emotional awareness and interviews soulful people (including many of the authors of the books I noted above). 

I decided to start my own podcast, “Financial Finesse,” about two months ago. My plan is to interview women about their money and their lives and how they intertwine. It’s a learning curve, but one that I am thoroughly enjoying. In my latest episode, “Young Women, Money and Black Lives Matter,” I interview four women of color. The women were my students during a Personal Finance class I taught last summer. I know you will find their money stories inspiring and educational, particularly about the different challenges POC face when it comes to money and credit.

Trying new things like this podcast has made shelter-in-place more bearable as it expands my skills and creates community. 

I hope that you are finding ways to grow and expand during these challenging times. 

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