S3E5: How to Make Room in Your Life for What Matters with Lis McKinley

Lis McKinley Let's Make Room

Lis McKinley will help you get--and stay--organized

On this episode of Financial Finesse, I’m interviewing Lis McKinley, a Certified Professional Organizer and move manager. Lis is the owner of Let’s Make Room, a residential organizing and move management company that has organized hundreds of living, storage and work areas in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Lis is a recognized public speaker on personal productivity, organizing and well-being. She is also a trained Marriage and Family Therapist, holding a Master of Arts degree in clinical psychology from John F. Kennedy University.

While you may be thinking, “what does home organizing have to do with personal finance?” I think you’ll be surprised to learn how many parallels there are between what Lis does as a personal organizer and what I do as a financial advisor when it comes to helping our clients achieve their goals and aspirations. In this episode, you’ll hear how mindset is the number one determinant of maintaining an organized life and how Lis helps her clients get unstuck from the bad habits that keep their homes cluttered. You may also get some great ideas for how to organize your living space if it needs a refresh.

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Episode Highlights

  • [5:55] Lis’s process for helping her clients curate their belongings to match the vision they have for their life
  • [16:17] How having a personal mission statement can help you get and stay organized
  • [29:53] The online auction and estate sale platform that can help you downsize and make money in the process
  • [46:30] How lockdown inspired Lis to pivot her business to include virtual services
  • [50:23] Lis demonstrates her ACT system on Cathy

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