The New CNBC Digital Financial Advisor Council and Hub

This month I was honored to be asked to be part of the inaugural CNBC Digital Financial Advisor Council. The council was conceived by Jim Pavia, formerly editor of InvestmentNews and now digital editor at CNBC.

Jim’s mission as a journalist is to educate the public about personal finance and the importance of long term planning. This council is unique in that it is made up of working independent financial advisors (not talking heads) who are meeting with clients regularly and helping to guide them through all the complexities of personal finance from building a diversified investment portfolio, to creating a workable budget, to retirement planning. The ultimate goal is to provide investors with straightforward, informative and relevant content that is transparent, timely and useful.

The 20 council members all have expertise in comprehensive financial planning and investment management but also have particular specialties such as divorce planning, women’s financial issues, wealth psychology, healthcare, life-threatening illnesses, and business-planning. Several of the members are well-known researchers and thought leaders in the financial community and add a breadth of knowledge and experience that is invaluable.

You can benefit from this brain trust by logging into the “FA Hub” on the CNBC Site and checking out recent articles and videos.

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