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Late-Career Women and Burn-Out or When Can I Retire?

Does this sound like you? – 50-60 ish, – have been working for 30-40 years, – salaried employee, – your boss is a pain, – co-workers are all 20-30 years younger than you, – some days are better than others, – someone asks: when do you want to retire? and you say “tomorrow.” If you …

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How to Prepare For An Encore Career

Ready for a career change? More and more people are rethinking success at midlife or retirement, and considering a shift to more meaningful, purpose-driven work. Combining a desire for social contribution, entrepreneurial passion, a job that’s not-just-a-job, and – often – continued income, encore careers are an appealing fresh start. Whatever your encore career goals, …

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Couples and Their Money – Yin and Yang

Here is my advice to couples who are facing financial challenges and don’t see eye to eye on the value of a financial planner. Work together and see if you can find consensus. Remember one of the rules of marketing: What’s In It For Me? Help your partner understand there are benefits. Even though the process may be uncomfortable, and difficult to understand, the end results are what matter most.

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