Interesting Financial Blogs – Really!

Woman reading a blog on her iPad

Woman reading a blog on her iPadWhen I get an extra hour in a day, I like to go on-line and read my favorite financial blogs. Not only do they keep me up-to-date on business news, but I always learn something that I can use in my life or share with clients. I have a feeling that this pastime is not shared with many (other than my financial advisor friends) but I do know that we all want to be smarter about our money. Be honest – how many of you made a New Year’s resolution that had something to do with your finances?

The following is a list of blogs that I promise, will inform but not bore. After all, money really can be quite interesting.

The BillFold is not your typical money blog. It’s about ordinary people and situations and it can be both silly and serious. Each post is related to money in some way, it just isn’t always obvious.  In the editors own words “We are a site about money. We are interested in people’s lives and how funds make those lives awesome and not so awesome.”

I enjoy The Business Insider finance blog, called Clusterstock because it not only reports and analyzes business news but it acts as an aggregator of the top news stories from around the web. It can be your one-stop shop for financial news.

Every year we read news stories about the World Economic Forum that is held in Davos, Switzerland where business, political, academic and other leaders gather to shape agendas for a better world. This same organization supports a blog on its website that is full of interesting articles about global economics.

Each business day I receive an email from The Seeking Alpha blog called Wall Street Breakfast-Must-Know News. It summarizes the top stock market and economic news and provides a link to the full article if I choose to read more. I find it to be an incredibly efficient way to stay on top of financial news.

Happy New Year!

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