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Managing investments can be intimidating because not everyone has the knowledge, expertise or time to do it themselves. But like all other aspects of a good financial plan, investing takes discipline, a sound strategy and time.

Our Investment Philosophy

Careful Risk Management and Strategic Investing

Our objective is to invest your portfolio so that it will yield the return you seek with the lowest possible risk necessary to reach your financial goals. Using effective diversification, we will allocate your portfolio among different asset classes to capture broad and diversified economic trends. Depending on your risk tolerance, financial goals and timeframes, your money will be invested in a portfolio of globally diversified exchange-traded funds (ETF’s) or mutual funds that invest in different asset classes and categories: domestic stocks and bonds, foreign stocks and bonds, real estate, commodities, and cash.

We want our clients to sleep well at night knowing their money is being managed by experts. We partner with experienced asset managers who use a rigorous, research-driven approach to build custom portfolios.

After careful research into global long-term and short-term market trends, certain sectors that appear undervalued or offer compelling opportunities will be overweighted while underweighting those areas of the market that seem overvalued.

If you were invested heavily in technology stocks in 2000 or financial stocks in 2007, you may have first-hand experience in the consequences of holding a portfolio that isn’t diversified. You’re not alone: many people experienced large losses in their investments between 2000 and 2002 or late 2007 to early 2009. Holding a diversified portfolio can ameliorate risk of loss and help you sleep better at night!

We believe…

  • Being diversified among asset classes does not mean living with low returns.
  • Diversification is essential in delivering better volatility-adjusted returns.
  • Portfolios should be rebalanced periodically to maintain a chosen asset allocation.
  • Common stocks outpace income investments over the long-term.
  • Reasonable expenses and tax efficiency are important to total return.

The process will begin with the creation of a customized investment policy statement tailored to your unique circumstances. First, we need to have a clear understanding of your financial goals and risk tolerance. We will assess your income needs, anticipated expenses and projections for financial success at various life stages and milestones. Once we have established these, we will define an appropriate asset allocation strategy that will get you to where you want to be.

We will help you…

  • Feel confident about your finances.
  • Ensure your lifestyle is sustainable.
  • Build a legacy for future generations.
  • Invest your money according to your values.

Sustainable, Responsible, Impact, Values-Based Investing

If you would like your investments to support your financial goals but also broader societal goals, it’s possible to build a portfolio that screens for companies that do the right thing in areas such as environmental, social or corporate governance collectively know as ESG. It’s also possible to screen out the companies that make or do things that don’t support your values.

We are prepared to help you on this quest to invest your money according to your values.

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