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A Savvy Young Woman Charts a Brave Course

When we talk about planning, tolerance for risk, adjusting to changing conditions, sheer courage, and staying the course, we could hardly find a more inspirational example than Jessica Watson, a savvy young woman from Buderim, Australia.

Financial Planner's Reading List: You Are What You Read

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To Hatch Or Not To Hatch

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Planning and Chance

The moment I heard about the Bay Bridge near-catastrophe....I…

Abandon The Cart!

You wrap your hands around your shopping cart and feel your…

Cash Flow Planning: Debt and Generation X

The primary reason my 20 and 30 year old clients hire me is to help them with debt management, cash flow and budgeting.

The Best Laid Plans

Mr. Buschel crunched numbers with an expert who had owned, run and built half a dozen restaurants. They used the best available data. A major conclusion: Based on the evidence, a clever, well-run restaurant could be successful in the Hamptons. Not exactly earth shattering information, but useful.

"Making Home Affordable"

On my last visit, we got into a chat about money because Trudy had just completed a loan modification and was more than happy to share the details with me. I was very interested because I knew banks were considering loan modifications, but hadn’t heard of anyone actually getting one.