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Designing your Best Financial LifeTM

As is the case with most things in life, your finances are made up of many moving parts. From cash flow, to taxes, insurance, and investment management – you can expect a fully immersive planning experience and an ongoing relationship when working with Curtis Financial Planning.

Through working together, we’ll first clarify your objectives, and evaluate your current financial state. From there, we’ll be able to establish plans and strategies that address your specific needs and set you on a course for success and peace of mind.


Our comprehensive planning and portfolio management services look at all the following “pieces” to create a whole plan.

  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Saving
  • Investments
  • Retirement planning
  • Risk analysis and insurance
  • Real estate
  • Education planning
  • Employee benefits

  • Charitable giving
  • Childcare and eldercare
  • Tax and estate planning

You will receive many economic benefits from creating a financial plan such as: saving on taxes, sticking with a savings and investment plan, optimizing investments, knowing when you can stop working, and maximizing social security benefits. But, just as important, with our coaching and assistance, you will get things done and implement the strategies we recommend.


How your money is invested is a key component to achieving your best financial life. There are simple truths about investing that if adhered to will get you the results you need to reach your goals and retire with money to last your lifetime. Curtis Financial Planning’s objective is to invest your portfolio so that it will yield the return you need with the lowest possible risk necessary to reach your financial goals. This is done using effective asset allocation and diversification, by staying patient and disciplined and by understanding that the ups and downs of the market are normal and expected and don’t determine the long-term return that is needed to fund your life’s goals.

ESG or Impact investing

We also know that some of you are interested in sustainable, responsible, impact, and values-based investing. If you’d like your investment strategy to support your broader societal goals and values, Curtis Financial Planning is prepared to help you achieve this goal.

Our Fees

Curtis Financial Planning is a fee-only firm. This means that you pay us for our services – and that’s the only compensation we receive. There are no commissions from product sales, incentives from other companies or fees for referring business. This allows us to focus on your goals and to ensure we are providing unbiased advice.

For our standard client engagement, we have a simple fee structure:

  • An upfront fee for creating a comprehensive plan
  • An ongoing planning and investment management fee that reflects our continuing relationship

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