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I Will Teach You to Tweet - Women in Consulting Twitter Panel in San Francisco

Hi everyone! Public appearance alert. I'm honored to be part…

I Will Teach You to be Rich

Until a few months ago, I hadn’t heard of Ramit Sethi (pronounced…

Let's do the Numbers - Secrets of the FICO Score Revealed

As a financial planner, I know too well how important good…

Living Within Your Means – 10 Tips on Saving Money

When did dining-out, facials, manicures, pedicures, personal…

Fee Only Financial Planner Dishes on House Buying in the Bay Area

In the meantime, Jim and I worked on their cash flow adding in housing costs (they’ve been clients since 2007). Both were adamant that they know the numbers and not get in over their heads. Jim has an inviolable goal, “I want a six month buffer of living expenses at all times.”

Couples and Their Money - Yin and Yang

Here is my advice to couples who are facing financial challenges and don’t see eye to eye on the value of a financial planner. Work together and see if you can find consensus. Remember one of the rules of marketing: What’s In It For Me? Help your partner understand there are benefits. Even though the process may be uncomfortable, and difficult to understand, the end results are what matter most.

Women and Money - Women in the Food Biz Talk Business Plans

I recently hosted two panel discussions that focused on women entrepreneurs in the food business.

Fee Only Financial Planner Interviews Abby

Two thoughts spring to mind about young people and money: the schools don’t teach our kids about money. And parents are a little shaky on this topic too, owing to cultural taboos around talking about money.