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Passion – Empathy – Transparency – Service – Trust

These five qualities that Cathy Curtis brings to her business and her relationships with her clients. Ask anyone in her family, and they will tell you that Cathy was born with a brain for business. Her favorite game growing up was something she created called “Important Papers.” She would collect old bills and invoices that her dad was ready to discard and tell her siblings they were “playing business.”

Even though the days of “Important Papers” have passed, Cathy has engaged her skills to build Curtis Financial Planning into a firm that strives to provide great value to its clients by guiding and supporting them in their desire to feel good about their finances.

Since launching her firm over 17 years ago, Cathy has worked to provide a fresh perspective about money. She understands that money

management is not everyone’s favorite topic or pastime. Financial inertia is a real thing, and Cathy works with her clients to become financial ninjas instead!  Her clients are busy, smart women, often single, divorced, widowed, or solo by choice, who are responsible for their finances.

Cathy is a Certified Financial Planner and has expertise in comprehensive planning and investment management. Cathy stays current on personal finance topics through her affiliations with NAPFA – The National Association for Personal Financial Advisors, the Financial Planning Association and the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. She also is a frequent public speaker and quoted expert and helps educate the public about personal finance through her position on the CNBC Financial Advisory Council and by writing for her blog, Of Independent Means.

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Outside of the office, Cathy is an active volunteer with CUESA, The Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture based in San Francisco. As a board member, Cathy helps support the vision of “a healthy world nourished by environmentally sound, humane, economically viable and socially just food systems.” She also is a program chair for The Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, another venerable San Francisco institution whose mission is to “find truth and turn it loose in the world.”

On weekends, you can find Cathy at the farmers market, meeting friends for breakfast and buying produce to create beautiful meals later in the day. She is an avid reader and always has a stack of books halfway to the ceiling beside her bed.  Her favorite genres are historical fiction, classic novels memoirs, and social psychology books. She is somewhat of a fitness fanatic and loves to work out with weights and Pilates, T-Rex and Kinesis equipment, hike, cycle, and swim.

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