S3E7: Sage Money and Life Advice from the Savvy Women of Season 3

The Financial Finesse Podcast features some of the smartest, savviest women on the planet. In this special compilation episode, we’re sharing the top money and life advice from our season 3 guests.

Episode Highlights

  • [01:30] Liz Eshleman on Planning for Long-Term Care
  • [03:25] Joy Lere, Psy.D. on Living Authentically
  • [05:10] Jennifer Barrett on Thinking Like a Breadwinner
  • [06:28] Megan Gorman on Saving for Retirement
  • [08:25] Lis McKinley on What True Organization Looks Like
  • [10:55] Nichole Proffitt on Mindset and Meditation

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