Episode 7: The Challenge Of Running A Small Retail Business During COVID

In this episode, I talk to three women who own boutique retail businesses in the Rock Ridge neighborhood of Oakland, CA:

  • Joyce Gardner, Owner of Fit Clothing Boutique
  • Johnelle Mancha, Owner of Mignonne Decor
  • Andrea Serrahn, Owner of Serrahna Boutique

Rock Ridge is an area that typically sees heavy foot traffic from locals and visitors, making it an ideal location for local businesses. However, COVID has changed all that. I invited Joyce, Johnelle, and Andrea on the podcast to share their experiences operating retail businesses in the midst of a pandemic, and how they’re tapping into their creativity to find new ways to serve their customers and generate revenue. Whether you’re a business owner yourself or looking for ways to support your local businesses, I think you’ll find their tenacity and commitment to their community and customers inspiring. 

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I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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