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Cathy Curtis

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Cathy Curtis
Cathy Curtis

Dear Of Independent Means Blog:

I know you don’t understand why I abandoned you right after you got such a gorgeous face-lift (thanks to Stephanie Sammons), but it’s not your fault. You’ve never looked better. It’s just that I’ve been awfully busy helping clients with their finances, speaking about investments at the Commonwealth Club, attending conferences with the FPA, NAPFA and Morningstar and yes, I admit it, writing for other blogs. I think about you all the time and feel terribly guilty that I haven’t visited. I know that when I don’t write for you, you lose fans that may never come back! I hope you will accept my apology and trust me when I tell you I will be back very soon.

In the meantime, I thought I would share those other blog posts I mentioned…just because there is some good stuff that readers Of Independent Means might enjoy!  But don’t worry, you’re the only blog for me!

Blog post for the Morningstar Advisor Markets & The Economy Blog: A Quick Trip Around the World with Ian Bremmer. Ian Bremmer is a brilliant political economist who has written several books. He gave a talk based on his latest book: The End of the Free Market: Who Wins the War  Between States and Corporations at the FPA conference in Denver. Some of his insights and predictions are shared in this post.

Sharp Talk for the Sharp Skirts Blog. Sharp Skirts is a knowledge network focused on helping women entrepreneurs. This blog post is about how women can become better managers of their finances.

Blog post for the San Francisco Bay Area Women’s Journal: Personal Wealth: How To Handle A Financial Windfall. The San Francisco Bay Area Women’s Journal is an online lifestyle magazine for savvy women founded and edited by Debbie Josendale.

See you soon,


Cathy Curtis

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